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A reliable, simple, and fast VPN network

NordVPN is a popular VPN service that lets you build secure and anonymous connections. With this program, you don’t have to worry about authorities being able to track your IP address or physical location. The company uses 5,436 VPN servers in 60 countries, ensuring your browsing activity can’t be tracked.

With a skilled development team, the service adds new features, security protocols, and functionalities regularly. NordVPN comes with varied pricing plans suiting every budget. It has become an excellent choice for users worldwide within a short period.

A tool packed with excellent features

NordVPN’s network is made up of several servers that have been configured for special purposes. Specialty VPN servers aren’t always the only ones that can perform their assigned tasks. For example, torrenting is allowed on all servers, not just the ones with a P2P designation. However, they are designed to ease their jobs. This software has five types of specialty servers: Double VPN, Obfuscated servers, P2P servers, Onion over VPN, and Dedicated IP servers.

The Dark Web Monitor, an active feature by default, patrols sources of stolen credentials on the dark web, and if it discovers your email address anywhere, it sends you an alert. Further, a kill switch automatically shuts off your internet connection if the VPN software stops working, preventing you from being unprotected online. This tool also supports split tunneling, which lets you decide whether a particular app will be included in your VPN protection or not.

What are the safety features?

The program offers high-end security and encryption compared to TouchVPN, Free VPN, and other similar services. The tool uses AES 256-bit encryption, which successfully hides your data and content. However, the encryption process and routing of your traffic through remote servers can slow down your internet connection. Meshnet lets you create a secure connection between two devices so that if one moves to another location in the world. This is great for sharing data and gaming—and also for working.

This VPN software's Threat Protection feature is one of its most powerful. It guards you against online threats like malware and trackers every day—protecting your privacy for as long as you use it. It scans files for malware and deletes them before they download, and it also protects your privacy and prevents malicious programs from infecting your device. Moreover, this feature also blocks intrusive and malicious ads before they even load. The result is a safer, more streamlined experience for you.

What about torrent support?

In the past, services like Hotspot Shield have given tough competition to NordVPN. However, the program has been updated with new features, providing access to advanced functionalities. The software supports torrent downloads, which lets you watch various movies, shows, and originals.

With 5,436 VPN servers in 60 countries, you have plenty of options to build secure connections. The simple interface lets you choose a preferred server from the sidebar. Since you don’t need more than a couple of clicks, you can save a reasonable amount of time. 

Each server on the network comes with unlimited bandwidth and data. Thus, you can upload or download almost anything from the internet. Like other browsing activity, even torrenting data isn’t retained, and you can expect complete anonymity.

While using reliable VPN servers, you can choose from multiple torrent services. For instance, the program offers support for BitTorrent, Vuze, uTorrent, and other software. NordVPN download comes with a server recommendation tool, which helps you identify your network's fastest and most reliable server. You only need to choose the server protocol and location, and the program takes care of the rest.

Additionally, the application uses SOCKS5 proxies, which can substantially improve download speed for multiple torrent clients. Compared to ExpressVPN and other VPN providers, NordVPN offers a faster and hassle-free service. With the Quick Connect feature, you can quickly get online with a couple of clicks. 

It’s important to understand that the Quick Connect feature automatically chooses servers for secure connections. The current version of the program doesn’t let you select a server manually. However, this feature will be helpful if you want less anonymity and faster speed. On the other hand, casual users interested in specifically unblocking content or some geo-restricted websites should choose a server manually.

Does NordVPN unblock Netflix?

Over the years, Netflix has become one of the most popular video streaming services. Currently, it blocks several VPN services, restricting access to the program’s shows, movies, originals, and other content. However, NordVPN comes with a SmartPlay feature, designed to build secure connections and bypass geo-blocks to access applications like Netflix. While combining VPN with DNS protocols, this feature successfully evades unwanted blocks.

Reasons to Choose NordVPN and its Standout Features

NordVPN offers users secure and anonymous online connections, access to blocked websites, and the ability to bypass government restrictions. It ranks as one of the best VPN services available, with a no-logs policy that has been independently audited for enhanced privacy assurance.

Device Support and Versatility

NordVPN supports up to six devices per account, but by installing it on your router, you can protect every connected device. This versatility makes NordVPN an attractive option for users looking for a quality VPN service.

Efficient Ad-Blocking and Malware Protection

NordVPN's Threat Protection feature blocks intrusive ads, tracking cookies, and malware-hosting domains for a safer browsing experience. This ad-blocking tool works across various devices and browser extensions.

Improving Internet Speed and Easy Setup

NordVPN provides tips for optimizing internet speed while using the service. The setup process is simple: download the software, activate the VPN, and choose your preferred server location.

Subscription Management and Privacy-Friendly Base

Managing your NordVPN subscription is user-friendly, with easy cancellation options. NordVPN is based in Panama, a country with strong privacy laws, providing an additional layer of confidence for users concerned about online privacy and security.

A stable, powerful, and easy-to-use VPN service

NordVPN has a solid user base, active in discussion forums, online communities, and social media. While the company offers good customer support, you can also seek help from other users. The program comes with a simple interface, allowing you to start using the program from the get-go. All the secure VPN servers are listed in an easy-to-access sidebar.

Last but not least, this VPN runs smoothly on multiple operating systems. The best part about it is that you can simultaneously use the same account on up to six devices. With numerous features, variable pricing plans, reliable connections, and fast speed, this is an excellent VPN service for your PC.

VPN Keeps You Secure, Anonymous, and Free Online

Protect your network from third parties, stay anonymous, and access any content you want on the Internet. VPN creates a secure connection between your computer and the Internet, guarding your data and devices, your privacy, and your freedom online.
A VPN is the best way to conceal your activity online. When you use a VPN, your data connection is encrypted, so ISPs, governments, NSA spies, and other third parties cannot see which websites you visit, what you download, or whether you use services such as Skype or a P2P application. VPN protects your privacy and prevents others from monitoring and controlling your online communications and browsing activity. With VPN, your location stays private and you can switch freely between multiple global VPN server locations.
Access all your favorite services, even when your government or Internet service provider blocks them. VPN users can freely stream Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV, and other crystal-clear HD video from any part of the world. And blocked social websites, P2P file sharing services, and VoIP applications are just a click away with VPN.
With more than ten years of experience, NordVPN is a leading VPN provider. NordVPN gives you military-grade protection online, and you can access all your favorite sites without restriction. We never log your activity when using our servers, which are operated under the jurisdiction of Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. So you can always trust your privacy to us.


  • Offers good security and privacy
  • Ensures reliable and quick connections
  • Encrypts data and content
  • Supports 5,436 servers


  • Can slow down internet connection

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

User reviews about NordVPN

  • Les Kette

    by Les Kette

    I feel my system is secure and do not worry about identy fraud issue

  • Shirley Durham

    by Shirley Durham

    Easy download and seems to be working great for the moment. I have windows 10 now and so I am a very thankful it hooked up fine and didn't slow the co More

  • DJ FakeReVASpiRinG .

    by DJ FakeReVASpiRinG .

    Very Good VPN Software, but it's only for 30 days
    The creators of NordVPN must make it free for LIFETIME

  • Steve StJohn

    by Steve StJohn

    I would not recommend it if you are in the West Indies. After installing my download speed went from 195 Mbps to 23 Mbps. Upload speed was the same pr More


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